Venus in gemini compatibility

What Your Venus Sign Reveals About How and Who You Love

A mature Venus Gemini trusts her instincts to choose the right friends and lovers, and be committed in the moment. An enduring love with trust can grow when the relationship is always fresh and new.

Your love language according to Venus

You may get more insight if you understand the Venus Gemini man. Magazine subscriptions, a wild birdhouse, seeds for a butterfly garden, hats, things that blow in the wind or twirl, light scarves, a ride with the top down. Venus Gemini is a social creature, often very in the know about what's happening around town. She'll enjoy a date who is open to shifting plans on the fly or has a wild idea or two of new events to check out. She's open to following your lead if you're able to capture her sense of adventure or intellectual fascination.

Capricorn and Gemini Nature and Nuances:

As a mutable sign, she casts a wide friend net and might have a few friends she calls on that have a romantic element. Sharing a learning experience brings you closer, like taking a class or improv workshop. Tell her about your favorite books, films, magazines, and sites you visit.

Sun enters Scorpio

She's often aware at least, of the latest trends, if not fully riding the wave. Tuning in to current culture gives you something to talk about.

She Combines a Light Side With Surprising Depth

He also tends to be attracted to average-looking women who are witty and interesting, rather than gorgeous females who have nothing to talk about. Take care, nice to hear from you. For Venus in Taurus people, being relaxed is the key to being receptive to love. People with Venus in Gemini are walking wikipedias which update themselves every few minutes. A powerful attraction can literally overtake your common sense, and you can get lost in a heady space during sex. Digital connections are still plenty strong for you—and because of this, a long-distance relationship could actually work out just fine. That's too much for Venus Gemini, whose very nature is to be zig-zaggy and easy breezy.

That is when they truly feel in their element and real bonding between them could happen. A partner, who is intelligent enough, adventurous enough and gives these people enough space, is the perfect one for them. They need to be accepted as they are to give the best version of themselves to their partners.

Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Gemini

If they fall in love in someone with their brain it is a good chance they will be hooked to this person for a long time. These people have a curious nature, and love the experiences and knowledge they gain by dating different people. When their curiosity is aroused, they get the desire to get to know some person or be with them in a relationship. These people usually remain distant and closed even when they are in a long-term relationship or marriage. These people are very sociable and enjoy flirting. They enjoy proving their abilities to attract different people.

These people have unusual taste in art, and are often creative and talented. They are very fond of literature and photography and make good writers and photographers.

They are sociable and love attending social gatherings. They have a wide social circle and are usually loved and appreciated in their surroundings. They can be very charming and get their way out of any situations using their charm. People with Venus in Gemini are prone to mood changes, and changes of mind. It is how they are, and it is up to you to accept them or pass by them. For these people, you are often just another fish in the sea, and the sea is full of fish.

They are often nervous. They can also be insincere, and prone to cheating and lying to their partners. They are spontaneous and live for the moment, and prefer the company of people with similar views. People with Venus in the sign of Gemini are very interesting and fun beings. Both women and men make a good company. They love flirting and courting the people they like. They love variety in dating and that is why they are able to flirt and date more than one partner. These people are very intelligent and that is the main trait the person they are with must possess.

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Venus Gemini is nourished by word salad, striking looks, and spontaneous adventures. Here's their love compatibility with other Venus Signs. Looking at Venus Gemini compatibility, you're in sync with other air signs (Venus Aquarius and Libra), and also fire signs (Venus Aries, Leo.

They often do similar things to protect themselves, and these people put themselves high on their list of priorities. They are often selfish and self-centered and always make sure they are satisfied before all others are.

They are very communicative and sociable and love experiencing new things. These people love and appreciate art, but are usually not artistically talented.

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They are spontaneous and love being around similar people. They consider people who are serious and overly organized a nuisance. These people often live for the moment and in the moment, enjoying where they are without thinking much about the future, but also not looking at the past. Still, you tend to be reserved and slow to open up, which may come across as unwilling to some.

Relationships are a huge part of your world. In fact, you can grow rather obsessive about love, and you want all of your partner, not just pieces of them. You work best with someone who can go along with your last-minute plans and who can be fun, spontaneous, and unrestrained.

You prefer comfort and stability in your relationships, probably because you offer the same to your partners. Infatuations are easy, but love? You are the literal definition of hopeless romantic.

Everything about love is magical to you, and deep down, you believe strongly in miracles, soulmates, and true love. If you had a choice, your whole life would be one giant rom com — and in some ways, I bet it already is. You care very deeply for others and may struggle to draw boundaries in a relationship. Worst Venus matches : Gemini, Sagittarius. Callie is a professional Thought Catalog blogger by day and an amateur Tumblr blogger by night.