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Libra October Horoscope

You may feel some frustration and depression because you lack an optimistic perspective, but some caution is required. This year, the additional work will help you improve your financial situation. Until September when you are the architect or your own improvement, you can expect help to come to you from April to August. For the whole of this time, Venus, will remain in the air sign of Gemini, allowing easier expression for you. When Jupiter enters Libra on 25 September to remain until October will be your time for personal advancement.

Mid-may until end of June could be a time when you may need to watch your spending and it can affect your social life and entertaining. There is nothing to indicate major problems this year, but be aware of May to June period when you would be wise to be careful with money. There is the potential for an increase in your money flow from late September. This can continue from this point and get better until the end of December. You can feel quite challenged by other people in January and mid April to mid May.

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You will find that it is through partnerships that you also benefit in February and March. Venus in Gemini is a major player this year and in this time people come into your life from somewhere else. Late October until late November is best overall for love. This is a major area of challenge this year as Saturn makes its way through this section of your horoscope. You may feel your choices are limited by some circumstance in life, like lack of qualifications, your age, or even where you live.

A decision early March can improve options for you, and you could even move before the end of the year, if this is one of your stumbling blocks. May and August are two possibly months for lowered vitality. You are more inclined to suffer health problems when your life is thrown out of balance and both these months have influences that could do this to you. Happy New Year! The normally sweet, retiring you will probably surprise some people this month.

Sure, you have no trouble communicating. Everyone else will probably find this temporary fit of confidence very sexy!

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Most of you will probably be spending the month the way you usually pass the time—by charming the pants off everyone around you! You early Libra people will be very focused on your job. Anybody else might let this interfere with his or her social life. Some of you may feel like letting your freak flag fly!

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Some of you will still be blessed with a heightened imagination that will help you reach your goals and ambitions, and others need to avoid confrontations around the middle of the month. The rest of you will just have to go pound sand until next month! Matters of progeny appear under comfortable conditions in Libra, if you plan to have a baby with your partner, then this year would be an auspicious time. Things will run smoothly and there should be any problems in conceiving.

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A normal delivery is quite likely as per your horoscope. If you have children, then you would be able to spend time quality time with them and shower love.

Libra 12222 Marriage Horoscope – Predictions for Singles/ Those Seeking Marriage

The uncertainty which had been pushing you Your obedi These people should include large amounts of vegetables and fresh fruits in their diet which will keep the kidneys clean. Ascendant The House which forms the basis of the Horoscope. The sexually transmitted illness causing mild inflammations in the ovaries of woman are common among these native. More about Capricorn It rules Leo and is exalted in Aries.

Maintain a calm atmosphere at home and avoid arguments in front of your children, as it may have a deep impact on their minds. Libra, discuss sensitive issues with your partner in private and allow your marriage life to grow peacefully.

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New relations for singles and a cordial bonding for lovers makes this year a love fiesta. Marriage life for couples does not look to bright this year, yet has its high points for you too. Ved Shastra. Home The Secrets of Horoscope Unlocked!

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Libra Marriage Horoscope. Libra marriage Horoscope — Planets Affecting your horoscope Libra, the year opens new doors for your love and marriage life. However, if you choose to handle matters calmly and diplomatically, life would be good. If your partner is angry and loud, remain silent.


After a while, things will settle down by themselves without any damage. Quarrels and arguments are part of marriage. Talk to your partner softly and listen to their side of the story patiently, Libra. Effective communication is the key to a love and romance filled marriage life. If going through a rough time in your love relation, think about all the good times you have spent together.

Libra, things are not always bad. Time will improve your relation if you are willing to wait. Your horoscope shows plenty of chances to surprise your partner and boost love and harmony in your bond.

Your 12222 Horoscope

Libra, you should capitalize on these opportunities and turn even rough times into romantic ventures. For personalised predictions, you can order it OR ask a question? With the advent of new year, we make new year resolutions in regards to career , health , marriage , investment , education and children matters but at times , our resolution do get failed.

It would be better to know , which periods will be good and which will be bad in relation to career, health ,marriage , investment , education and children such that action plan can be created and we can make our life much better. With that perspective in mind, please find Libra horoscope for investment, children , education , health , marriage and career. You can plan your activities such that to get maximum out of life. As far as investment matters are concerned, this year is not good to take any major investment decisions as you might take wrong investment this year and later on might regret that although period from 11 Nov onwards, you can think of investing money in various instruments or past investments made might give you better returns but overall, year is not good for investing money in riskier instruments.

You had to rely on safer instruments to invest money this year such that your money remains safer for better financial strength. As far as child matters are concerned , from 8 Mar , there will be need to take proper care of your loved ones as results in their studies might not be impressive as it ought to be.

Your child might lack concentration or even by putting efforts, results in studies might not be so encouraging. From 8 Mar , there will need from your side to look and give more time to your loved ones. By actively involved with your child will let you know progress of child. Try that due to your other commitments, you do not neglect your child.

Try to give helping hand and whatever help you can give to your child such that your child perform better in studies. With your affection and encourage, your child can perform better. Try that your child do take and finish diet on time and study with proper focus and by using time management such that subjects and tougher lessons can be completed on time. By this advices , you will able to get better happiness from children. Further, recite ganesha chalisa on Sunday and Shani chalisa on Saturday for reducing obstructions and getting child happiness too.

As far as initial or higher education is concerned , after 8 Mar , there will be need to put more concentration and efforts in studies as even by your hard efforts , results might not come easily and as according to your expectation and thus only hard work with sincere efforts will pave the way for better results this year. There will be ample need from your side to constantly put sincere efforts i studies such that success can come in education.

At times, there will be lack of concentration or interest in studies might goes down which will further increase problems in education. Overall, there is need for you to create time plan for studies and with better coaching and hard work with patience will give you better fruits in studies this year for you. As far as health matters are concerned , in this periods there will be need to take better care of your health and that are : To.

In this periods, take proper care of your health and especially those who are suffering from kidney, urine problems should take special care of themselves. In rest of the periods, by taking better care of health, your health will remain healthy for you. At times, due to aggression, good time might get spoiled and there is need to show restraint in marital life this year. There is need to avoid stubborn and dominating attitude for betterment of marital life.