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He is a brother to everyone. Some view this as a connection to him being one of two mortals made angel.

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However, it is more likely that it reflects his relationship to all things. This can even include his relationship to God. He is responsible for passing on prayers from humanity to God. This means that his divine connection is higher than most which is a beneficial aspect to a Pisces. As he has such a connection to Earth, humans, animals and angels alike, Sandalphon pushes multiple good causes.

Perhaps his main one would be an encouraging man particularly his wards to take good care of Earth.

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He understands the importance of keeping Earth healthy. If the Earth were to die, so would all the living things on it. The only way to ensure peace and the prosperity of man is to encourage those behaviors related to keeping the Earth well. The truth is that despite many websites and guides claiming that there are certain procedures to follow or words to learn, this is false.

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The archangel Sandalphon prayer is a personal call for guidance or help. More often than not, he will provide you with the mind to discover your own solutions. The path you were unsure of before may start to become obvious.

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As was mentioned earlier, it is quite likely that you will feel his hand on your back, encouraging you. He may suggest that you join a movement or simply start altering your own habits.

If you are of the Pisces zodiac sign , you need to be extra vigilant with caring for the Earth and its inhabitants. Before you carry out the archangel Sanalphon prayer , it can be useful to consult the Pisces daily horoscope. It can sometimes reveal information that aids you or simply points you in the right direction. The Pisces horoscope personality applies to those born between the Pisces horoscope dates.

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It differs slightly from the Pisces daily horoscope in the sense that it focuses on more long-term traits. The horoscope Pisces comes with some major ones that should now seem obvious. For examples, being compassionate is one of their main traits. You can expect that just based on the archangel but it should also be clear from the origins.

After all, Pisces did give inspiration to the tale of Atagartis: Goddess of love and fertility. It makes sense that their Guardian Angel would also be someone so connected to all life on Earth and the Earth itself. A Pisces is also devoted to whatever cause they deem important.


It could be something as simple as helping a friend or even battling their own demons. The Pisces horoscope contains individuals who are not only gentle and kind but who are also accepting. After all, happiness is the energy of life. Often the state of the world can be overwhelming for a Pisces.

The war, poverty, hatred and unjust can be too much and cause them to hide away. Others may see this as a sign of being too sensitive or sad. It can also give the impression that they want to play the victim when in actual fact they are simply being empathetic. After all, they are one with the Earth.

This is a good time for things requiring sustained concentration, patience, and sound judgment. So you can confidently attend to business dealings, paperwork, study, and exams. A common-sense approach, attention to detail and long-term outlook make this an ideal time for setting long-term plans.

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Monthly Pisces Horoscope Pisces Horoscope. The Ten of Wands can make you may feel as though you are carrying a very heavy burden. You may want to look hard at this and see if there are any ways that you might lighten your load either literally or figuratively. If you look carefully you may find that part of the burden you are carrying emotionally actually belongs to someone else.

It is important for you to pace yourself this week. Sometimes the Ten of Wands indicates that you have been too successful and would be well-served by scaling back. Give yourself one. Monday to Thursday you will be driven to succeed with a strong sense of purpose and initiative. You can achieve a lot of work in a short amount of time, with the courage and fighting spirit to take on just about anything.

You can be as direct and honest as you like in achieving your desires and enlisting the support of others. Socializing and your love life benefits from extra charisma and intellectual attractiveness. Friday to Sunday brings a feeling of inner balance and also a sense of harmony and contentment with life.

While those around you may be hot and bothered, you are way too cool to be affected by any drama.