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Vaastu, Vedic Astrology. Priyanka Mathur Exp: 10 years.

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Ajay Tiwari Exp: 9 years. Numerology, Vedic Astrology. English, Tamil. Acharya Rashmi Sharma Exp: 20 years.

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Manish K Arora Exp: 22 years. Tarot Card Reading, Vedic Astrology. Umesh Dwivedii Exp: 30 years. English, Hindi, Guja Priyaranjan Tripathi Acharya Pramod Mishra Harish Mishra Exp: 15 years.

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Reema Comar Upma Shrivastava Numerology, Vaastu, Vedic Astrology. Deepika Jain 7. Exp: 12 years.

Ajay Kumar Sharma Nandan Kumar Mohanty Exp: 7 years. English, Hindi, Odiy Anshumali Tiwari 8. Pooja Bhatia Acharya Rajat Agrawal So, transform your lives with me She has an Divine Aura around her,sweet smile with lots of patience to listen all your problems.

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Di calls all of sudden if you a in real problem and not able to find its solution,she experiences things which we have not even ask and will share. Read More. Shilpa Ji…! Just the thought of her concerned guidance instills me and my family members with great hope and faith. We have been regular in our guidance sessions with Shilpa Ji over the last 3 to 4 years now.


Her prediction timings are just superb and we have not felt the need to consult anybody. I felt so comforted by what she shared, and at several points was moved to tears by how accurately she described and interpreted what had been playing out in my life. I was amazed by the detail she provided and the in depth knowledge she had of the astrological energies, planets and themes. She has a very divine aura around her. No matter what situation you are experiencing, after meeting her you get a feeling of calmness.

Her predictions are spot on and her mantras and solutions are equally effective.

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She always makes. Shilpa is a rare find. She combines astrology with world class skills, like angel therapy, crystal therapy, tarot, chakra balancing, etc. She is an educated professional in a field of half-baked individuals whose only motivation is money. She is a true counselor.

Shilpa's Jyotish Kendra

Just her presence is soothing and reassuring. Shilpa has been quite accurate in her predictions.

Also, she takes personal interest in each horoscope as she is very passionate about her work. Above all, she has a positive aura around her. Shilpaji is my angel. When I first met her 4 yrs back my life was falling apart.


Her soothing presence,positive approach and guidance has changed my life positively forever. I am thankful to god who answered my years of prayers and chose her to show me light after so much darkness.

I count her in. She handled my issues very patiently. Found answers to all my questions. It was very satisfactory. I never felt that I had met her for the first time. Predictions were very accurate. The best part about her is that she is not a conventional kind of an astrologer but an astro-counsellor.

Feel blessed to be. Almost like a backbone of my survival…We have been visiting Shilpa since last years. Her patient approach and positive energy has helped me overcome many difficulties in my life.

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